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New Vango AirBeam and AirAway Awnings for 2017 Now Available

Since Vango launched their AirBeam range of inflatable caravan awnings, together with the matching AirAway inflatable driveaway awnings for motorhomes and campervans, the range has gone from strength to strength; rapidly becoming one of the most popular air awning brands available. The new 2017 range brings further innovation and improved designs, making the AirBeam system the ideal awning for almost all caravans and campervans
A folding bike is a great extra to take along on a caravan holiday. Whether you choose a single speed basic model or a more advanced model depends on the riding you want to do, the terrain and the distance. Folding electric bikes are also a fantastic way of getting around when you're on holiday, seeing more sights without parking worries.

Choosing a Camping Stove

If you're camping, some kind of camping stove is a necessity - unless of course you enjoy cold beans! For the caravanner equipped with a fully-featured cooker and grill, a camping stove is still a useful and fun way of staying out of doors to make the most of summer weather. Maybe it is a psychological thing, but there always seems to be a different taste to food cooked out of doors, and with it a real sense of "getting away from it all"....

Tent Care & Reproofing

A tent is a quick to erect and quick to dismantle living area. Because of its convenience and speedy packing, care of the tent is often overlooked; it is often treated as a "maintenance-free" product. Certainly a good tent is low-maintenance, but whilst camping, your tent is your home, so it makes sense to take a little care after it's use, to prolong it's working life and to keep it comfortable and pleasant to stay in for the next time you go camping.
Browsing through well-known auction and sales websites you can come across a large number of sellers offering cheap caravan and camping electric hookup leads, and at first glance they can seem like a real bargain. Some of them may not be all they seem and could potentially put you and your family in danger! So what should you look for in a camping hook up mains unit?
The perfect tent for you will depend on the type of camping trip you are embarking on. Whether you are preparing for the Duke of Edinburgh, a festival or a fun family camping trip, our handy guide will point you in the right direction. With so many designs to choose from, finding a tent that accommodates your needs can be quite the challenge but it doesn’t have to be. Read on to discover how to choose the ideal tent for you.
Selecting the correct size of caravan awning is very important to ensure that it fits and pegs out correctly without sagging or being caught by the wind. A well-fitted awning should give many seasons of service when cared for, so it's always wise to make doubly sure that you buy the awning that is the right size for your caravan. View our guide how to measure your caravan for an awning, and what awning sizes mean.

Applications for Caravan Awnings

Are you considering purchasing an awning? A caravan awning is a smart investment and can come in handy for a variety of reasons. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the different ways that you can put your awning to good use.

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