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We have a great range of tents, which can cater to families of all sizes. Whether you require a 2 man tent3 man tent or a larger one for 4, 6 or even an 8 man tent, we have plenty of suitable models in stock for your next getaway.

Tents & Accessories from Towsure

Outdoor Activities

Whatever outdoor activity or trip you are planning, you can be sure to find a tent to fit your needs from our wide and varied selection. We offer a range of compact and practical lightweight backpacking tents, great for hiking treks where you will have to carry all your gear. In addition to this we also supply heavier, hard wearing canvas tents.

Festival Tents

Our larger tents have many more applications than a family weekend away. If you are heading to a festival with a group of friends, they are the perfect solution. Large pop up tents work perfectly in festival situations, enabling you to pitch up and enjoy your weekend adventure with minimal fuss. We also stock smaller and more cost effective models if you would prefer to have your own space, without burning a hole in your pocket. Take a look at our range of cheap pop up tents.


In addition to our large range of tents, we also carry one of the largest camping accessory ranges in the UK, including groundsheets, pegs, carpets, repair strips and many more tent accessories. Whether you're after a simple one man tent for a trip or a truly luxury camping experience, you can rely on our range to provide you with all the outdoor supplies you need.