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Caravan Hitch Covers

Protect your Tow Hitch and your Clothes with a Caravan Hitch Cover

No one wants to brush past their hitch in their brand spanking new trousers and accidentally pick up all the dirt and grease hiding there. A trailer hitch cover is a smart solution that can prevent such mishaps and allow you to enjoy your caravan holiday. Hitch covers are fitted fabric covers that stretch over your tow hitch and protects you and your family from unwanted residues. The cover also shields your family from sharp edges and waterproof covers help to protect the caravan hitch from the elements.

Reducing your hitch's interaction with adverse weather will also reduce any chance of rust or deterioration, which will add to the lifespan of your hitch. Using a cover means you won't have to clean or dry your hitch before reattaching your car to your caravan. Hitch covers can keep your tow hitch in good nick and help protect you and your family from dirt and injury