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Caravan Damp Prevention & Dehumidifiers

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Banish Damp from your Caravan

A damp caravan is no fun. Damp in caravan interiors can cause irreversable damage - Damp can also affect you and your family's health. Dehumidifiers and damp traps are your secret weapon against damp and moisture buildup.

You can use a moisture trap in your caravan to catch condensation and damp in the air - our range of moisture trapping caravan dehumidifier crystals are safe to use when your caravan is in storage, or when you are using it on holiday.

Damp in caravans is prevented and combated by damp crystals which absorb moisture and condensation from the air, before it settles and causes damage, mould or mildew. The crystals convert condensation into brine and let moisture drain into the collection receptacle, which can be safely emptied.

You can also use a rechargeable caravan dehumidifier which contins highly absorbent crystals that don't need replacing - the portable dehumidifier is portable and needs no power when in use - so perfect for overwintering and caravan storage, fighting caravan damp for months between charges. When the dehumidifier crystals are full the unit is plugged into a mains supply in a ventilated location, the crystals are dried out and are ready to use again to collect moisture.

Don't risk buying a damp caravan! If you are looking at a used caravan, it's easy to check it with a portable damp tester which will alert you to hidden caravan damp problems before it's too late! But no matter how sound your caravan, moisture is a naturally occuring part of the atmosphere; so using a damp buster moisture trap helps to keep your caravan or motorhome damp-free for years to come!