Caravan power supply and mains kits plus generators, leisure batteries and solar panels, for power even when site hook-ups are not available.  Replacement lighting for inside your caravan, electic heaters & powered insect repellants to keep pests at bay.

Experiencing a black out in the middle of your holiday is no fun, especially with all the gadgets we like to use. Having a good power supply that you can rely on is a necessity for every caravan.

Power is a resource that can be obtained in many ways on a campsite: there are adaptations that allow you to plug your caravan into the site mains; you can generate your own power using solar panels or generators; batteries can provide power for smaller needs and are great for backup; inverters convert electricity into a form that can be used by your devices.

Electrical tools such as circuit testers, wire strippers and electrical connectors give you the option to test and, if needed, fix problems that arise. Electrical tape is also good to keep on hand, as it has many uses due to its insulation qualities and durability.

There's no reason for you to be unplugged while out adventuring in your caravan – you could even live off the grid full-time if you wanted to.

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Mains Hookup

Mains Hookup

It's pretty handy to be able to plug your caravan into site mains and power up your life while staying on a campsite.

Mains connectors make it easy to access power. With a variety of sockets, cables and connectors available, there's sure to be one that works with your caravan and the different campsites you visit, although you might want to have an extra few metres of cable on hand in case you're not able to reach the site mains. Adaptors can ensure that the current you receive will not fry your electronics, and will give you more sockets to plug all your gadgets and gizmos in.

There are a variety of special sockets designed for your caravan, each with site mains in mind, and circuit breakers and long cables provide a safe way to get site mains power in your tent or caravan.

Accessing site mains isn't hard – but figuring out which gadget you want to charge first might be!

Batteries & Inverters

Batteries & Inverters

Caravan leisure batteries can give your favourite gadgets life in even the most remote of caravan sites. Leisure batteries and equipment are great resources to have with you on your caravan holiday.


Once powered up batteries can store power for quite some time. Adapters can then convert this power to suit your specific needs, and you can buy battery packs with a range of watts and adapters.


Powering a computer or smartphone will be more taxing than your electric lights. Your power needs will influence what battery you choose, and whether you'll need a range of batteries and equipment to fully meet you needs.


So figure out which gadgets you can't live without and make sure you pick up the a spare leisure battery before you head out on your caravan adventures!

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Solar panels allow you to use energy from the sun for your own purposes. Solar power is a renewable energy source and a great way to generate power for you and your family on caravan adventures – especially during the summer!

As the sun hits the panel, the kinetic energy from the sun is absorbed and converted into an energy source that can power your laptop and your fridge. The panels work best with consistent sunshine, so rain-heavy regions aren't ideal, although power can be stored once converted, and it's surprising how little sun is actually required.

Solar panels are available in different sizes and with differing portability. Panels can range in wattage from ten to 120, and can either be portable or fixed directly onto your caravan's roof –  so do some research and make your decision based on your specific needs.



If you want to go off grid and explore the wildness on your next caravan adventure, a caravan generator could be the answer to your power needs. A generator is a standalone device that allows you the freedom to stay anywhere your heart desires without having to worry about getting access to power.

A generator is a device that creates an electrical current that can be converted and used to power your gadgets and appliances. It needs to be on all the time because it's constantly churning out power.

The power consumption of you and your family will affect the size of the generator you need. Alternatively, instead of using a caravan generator as your main source of power, it could be a backup plan used in conjunction with other power sources.

Having a camping generator humming away in the background ensures that – whatever curveball life throws at you – you will always have access to power.

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