Leisure Batteries and Power Inverters

Batteries can give your favourite gadgets life in even the most remote of caravan sites. Leisure batteries and equipment are great resources to have with you on your caravan holiday.

Once powered up batteries can store power for quite some time. Adapters can then convert this power to suit your specific needs, and you can buy battery packs with a range of watts and adapters.

Powering a computer or smartphone will be more taxing than your electric lights. Your power needs will influence what battery you choose, and whether you'll need a range of batteries and equipment to fully meet you needs.

So figure out which gadgets you can't live without and make sure you pick up the spare batteries you need before you head out on your caravan adventures!

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Power Inverters

Power Inverters

You have just connected your smartphone or laptop – otherwise known as your lifeline – into the main power supply at your campsite. There's a brief sign of life... and then your beloved device is blitzed by higher voltage than it can handle. Power inverters can save your appliances (and your sanity) while living in your caravan by adapting the voltage used.

Power converters are electronic devices that are able to convert power from one voltage to another, or from one type of power to another. This means that a wider range of power sources is now available to you.

Mains inverters allow you to use the power from your car, and to power USB devices. They also allow you to convert higher voltages to lower voltages to avoid overpowering. These devices often have circuit breakers built in so your devices don't suffer.

So don't ruin your holidays by frying your electronics – just remember to pack your power inverters instead.

Battery Chargers

Battery Chargers
If you are looking for a caravan battery charger, all of our chargers have overload protection and constant rates of charging so that your battery stays in top condition.
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