Tyre Covers

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Caravan Wheel Cover

W835 Caravan Wheel Cover

SRP £14.99

Our Price £9.95

Save 34%

Motorhome Tyre Cover

W888 Motorhome Tyre Cover

Our Price £11.95

Tyres are an expensive part of your caravan, so you need to do everything you can to protect them and increase their life expectancy. Wheel covers are instrumental in lengthening the life of your tyres by protecting them from the weather.

Wheel covers are fabric barriers that shield your tyres from the destructive UV rays of the sun. Tyres are completely exposed to the weather when your caravan is pitched at a campsite, and those UV rays can seriously deteriorate the life of your tyres.

These covers come in different sizes and designs to fit different wheels, such as the Keep Calm (and Caravan) range, which are unique wheel covers that add a bit of fun while still protecting your tyres.

Don't let the sun degrade your tyres – be smart use wheels covers.

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