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Alarms Trackers & Security Lights

You can have an alarm in your home to deter intruders from breaking in, as well as lots of stickers on your windows proclaiming the fact. Why not have the same protection when you're on the road with caravan security systems and alarms?

A variety of caravan alarm systems are available that can give your home that extra layer of protection. If you don't want to have an actual alarm system fitted, there's no reason you couldn't simply put stickers in your windows telling thieves and onlookers that you have an alarm anyway.

Gas sensors and smoke alarms are another vital type of alarm that can help ensure you and your family's safely while caravanning. Protect your holiday home and your family with all the necessary caravan locks and caravan intruder alarms and enjoy peace of mind while on holiday.

An automatic security light is useful in the caravan too, alerting you or neighbours to people approaching your caravan, and preventing them from using the cover of darkness to break in.

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