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Towsure have a huge range of caravan awnings for sale, with a great selection of awning additions and lighting too. New, 2017 awning models are on offer from leadings UK brands such as Vango and Kampa.

Accessories like tie down kits and storm straps are also available to help keep your awning secure against bad weather.  Perhaps you need tensioners to make erecting your awning frame much simpler. A range of awning groundsheets and carpets can add a more comforting or even luxurious feel to your caravan awning.

We also stock a range of care products such as rail protectors so you can keep your awning clean and waterproof for every use.

Awnings & Accessories from Towsure

Official Dorema Awning Megastore

Towsure are an officially appointed Dorema Megastore and carry a wide range of full awnings, porch awnings, annexes and accessories. We've also got a superb range of awnings and canopies from other well-known brands to suit all budgets and all your holiday needs, from a continental touring holiday to a quick bank-holiday getaway.

Caravan awnings from top brands such as Dorema, Kampa, Fiamma and Awaydaze

Awnings are an essential camping accessory, they allow you to extend your mobile home into a full outdoor living area. The main types of awning available on the market are Awnings for Caravans and awnings for motorhomes.

The main categories that caravan awnings fall into are full, which cover the full side of the mobile home, smaller porch awnings and rollout awnings which attach to the top of the caravan. Over recent years, inflatable awnings for caravans and inflatable driveaway awnings for motorhomes and camper vans have become more popular due to their ease of pitching, lighter weight and space-saving when compared to a traditional pole-framed awning.

Motorhome awnings are slightly different. Drive away awnings allow you to, as the name suggests, conveniently drive away in your motorhome for the day whilst the awning remains standing at your pitch. If you have any questions  about awnings and their related accessories you can either visit us in store or contact us.