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Caravan Awnings

At Towsure, we have different caravan awning sizes, and here you can view our full size traditional caravan awnings from Dorema, Crusader, Leisurewize and Away Daze that are perfect for the holiday and longer break, giving the most additional space, and available in a variety of models each packed with useful features and with its own degree of luxury.

Giving the most luxurious caravanning holiday, a full-size awning is large enough to relax in, sheltered from strong sun or winds whilst benefitting from the fresh outdoors air of the campsite; your large awning has space for camping furniture, relaxing whilst watching your mobile tv, and for storage.

In addition to large luxury awnings, we also offer cheaper basic awning models to suit smaller bugets. 

Versatile awnings include options to attach an annex for further storage or living space - if you have a large family or are camping with friends or guests, you can also attach an inner tent into your awning annex, turning it into an extra bedroom for your caravan.