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Vango Air Awnings

For awnings that are suitable for touring with repeated pitching, the Vango awning range has something for all campers.

Caravan Awnings in the AirAwning range include the Rapide for a quick pitch porch style, the Sonoma awning that gives more space, or the Braemar Kalari & Varkala awnings for modern style with larger size and extra space available in the line-up.

The Vango AirAway models are quality inflatable driveaway awnings. The popular Kela awning has been facelifted once again for the new 2018 season, alongside the introduction of the new Galli Compact - all the features of the best selling Galli but in a more compact size that's great for campervans.

You can buy Vango awnings online for home delivery, reserve for store collection or visit our awnign showrooms in Sheffield and Halesowen to get more information on the range.

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