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Motorhome & Camper Van Awnings

Awnings and canopies for motorhomes and campervans from brands such as Dorema, Omnistor, Starcamp, Kampa, Vango, Fiamma, Outdoor Revolution and more.

Motorhome awnings provide the extra space you need when travelling around. Designed specifically for motorhomes, instead of caravans or tents, you can trust that these awnings will do a great job of keeping you sheltered and dry while you're on the road. Having what is essentially an extra room while travelling can help you stay sane and stress-free.

There's a wide range of motorhome awnings available, from basic canopies to entire rooms and additional annexes.

Driveaway motorhome awnings  can be left pitched whilst you take your mobile home out for the day. We also have Driveaway awning models suitable for campervans as well as motorhomes and vehicle specific models such as those for the VW campervan.

We have several Inflatable driveaway awnings available, which are held upright by inflatable tubes rather than pegs, making them significantly more lightweight.

Wind out awnings are more simple and compact models, which won’t take up much space in your camping inventory. They can be assembled quickly and easily for a stress free experience. Again we have models available suitable for both motorhomes and campervans.

Using a variety of frameworks, materials and sizes, there's sure to be an awning to suit your motorhome. From smaller, one-door awnings to large, six-door awnings, and all sorts of additional annexes and features.

Most motorhome awnings are easy to put up, and able to stand alone, making them a great addition to any adventure on the road.