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Hiking with a dog - the do's, don'ts, and essentials

If you enjoy a hike through the wilderness and own a dog, why not combine the two? Afterall, dogs need to go for a walk. And, ifyou do plan on taking your dog hiking, there are a few things you should keep in mind for the adventure.


3 day ago

How To Spend Rainy Days On Your Caravan Holidays

There is nothing worse than booking a caravan holiday and it is raining whilst you are there. Something that is bound to happen thanks to the great British summer weather. But what can you do except stay in the caravan all day?

6 day ago

Top 4 Things You Can Do In The Summer Holidays

With oversees travel still a bit of a mystery, parents are having to find new ways to fill the six weeks holidays. But how exactly do you fill 41 days when you aren’t able to jet off somewhere?


10 day ago

What to consider when cycling with children

Cycling can be fun. And just because you are a parent, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it with the whole family. After all, bikes do come in kiddy sizes too!

Although taking your kids out on a ride may seem like something so easy, there is a lot of thought that needs to go into to ensure that you and your children are ready.


17 day ago

Types of Cycle Carrier - Choosing the Best Cycle Carrier for You

There is a wide choice of bike carriers for cars out there, with lots of models from leading brands in stock at Towsure.  But which bike rack is the best for you?  We look at the differences between towbar bike racks, boot mounted cycle carriers, roof bike carriers and other options...

19 day ago

Cycling Tips For Beginners

New to the cycling party? Whether you have just learnt how to ride a bike, or haven’t touched one since you first learnt, there are a few things you need to take into consideration before you go out of your first ride.

19 day ago

Hub Drive or Mid Drive - Electric Bike Choices

As electric bikes become more popular, the choice of e-bikes becomes wider and the array of models on offer can at first look confusing to anyone looking to buy an electric bike - so which is the best electric bike for you? The range may seem confusing at first glance but you can relax, there are not as many major differences between types of electric bike as it may first seem. The type of motor is one of the main factors - here we take a look at the options between hub drive e-bikes and mid-drive e-bikes

20 day ago

Introducing Romet Bikes

Romet is a bicycle brand that is fairly new to the UK and now available from Towsure - with a range of mountain bikes and leisure bikes.  You may ask "Are Romet bikes good?" if Romet is a brand you have not encountered before.  We take a look at the history of the company and the styles of bikes available to answer that question, and to show why we feel that Romet is a perfect addition to our family cycling range at Towsure.

21 day ago

The Different Types of Bikes Out There

Fancy treating yourself to a new bike? Not quite sure which type would be best for you? Lucky for you, we have broken down the differences between each type of bicycle out there to help you with your decision.

21 day ago