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How to stay cool in the sunshine

Now the weather is heating up its time to start thinking about how you're going to stay cool this summer.
3 day ago

The Grand Re-Opening of The Base Camp Café!

Today is the day. The Grand Re-Opening of the Base Camp Café! Why not give it a try on your next visit in-store.
9 day ago

Winter Walking Safety Tips

Going for a hike can be great fun. But, when venturing out on a hike or walk in winter, you need to consider a few things to keep yourself safe. 

3 months ago

Top 5 Items To Add To Your Wardrobe

Brand new year, brand new wardrobe. Or at least time to top up on some essentials to keep you covered no matter the weather.
4 months ago

New Year, New Hobby Tips and Tricks

Start the new year off with a new hobby or outdoor activity. But what are the things you should consider to make sure you keep it going all year long?

4 months ago

What Are Hiking Poles? And Do You Need Them?

Whether you are an experienced hiker or completely new to the hobby, one thing you might not have thought about adding to your equipment is a set of hiking poles. But do you really need them?
6 months ago

Winter Camping Tips And Tricks

When camping during the colder month, it is important to stay as warm and safe as possible. And lucky for you, we have made a list of our tips and tricks to keep you warm, dry, and safe when winter camping in the great outdoors.
6 months ago

The Best Gifts For Cyclists

When looking for a Christmas present for someone who is cycling mad, it can be quite difficult. After all, a brand-new bike might be out of budget and a little too obvious. So, what do you get them?
6 months ago

Top Tips For Taking Care Of Your Hiking Boots

Hiking boots aren’t the cheapest piece of equipment in gear, so you ideally want them to last as long as possible. And to do just that, you need to look after them. But how do you take care of a pair of walking boots?
6 months ago