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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Caravan Storage Guide


There is no doubt that caravans offer so much but they also take up a lot of space when they are sat outside your home. You may not have the room outside your home and this will mean that you will have to put it into storage.

The figures show that putting your caravan into storage will ensure that it safe because 57% of caravan thefts are from the home when only 3% are from secure storage sites.

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The Towsure double alloy folding step is supplied flat-packed and is easy to assemble with the most basic of tools. When assembled it folds in on itself to make storage and passing through the narrow van doorway easier than with a large, fixed, double step.

In this 'how-to' guide we look at how to quickly and easily put your new caravan step together so that it is sturdy, stable and level

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