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  1. National Picnic Month - Picnic Checklist

    National Picnic Month - Picnic Checklist
    July is officially the UK’s National Picnic Month. With temperatures rising up to 33 degrees this summer - now is the perfect time to get together with family and friends to enjoy some tasty treats in the great outdoors. To help you get involved we’ve compiled a picnic gear checklist and some snacking tips: Continue reading →
  2. The Benefits of Cycle Commuting

    The Benefits of Cycle Commuting
    More and more people are changing the way they commute each day and reaping the benefits of cycling to work. Many parents are also encouraging their children to cycle to school. So what exactly are the benefits of swapping your car for a bicycle and could it work for your family? Continue reading →
  3. Electric Bike Guide

    Electric Bike Guide
    Electric bikes have made quite the impact on the cycling industry and are a popular choice for cycling enthusiasts who want all of the pleasure of a bike ride without all the leg work. If you are considering purchasing an e-bike, our handy guide will tell you everything you need to know. Continue reading →
  4. School Holidays Activities

    School Holidays Activities
    The school holidays are in full swing and if you want to encourage your children to stay active, we’ve put together a range of ideas to coax them away from the TV. Here are five activity ideas that are guaranteed to inspire. Continue reading →
  5. Quest/Westfield Awnings

    Quest/Westfield Awnings
    Westfield and Quest awnings are simply some of the best on the market. Their ranges include models suitable for both caravans and motorhomes as well as drive away awnings. Here are some of our top picks from the brands; Continue reading →
  6. Picnic Products

    Picnic Products
    The sun has got its hat on, so what better time to plan a picnic with family and friends? We have everything you could possibly need for a glorious alfresco afternoon. Continue reading →
  7. Campsite Lighting

    Campsite Lighting
    When it comes to packing your camping essentials, campsite lighting may take a back seat to the latest cooking equipment and high-tech camping gadgets, but creating a well-lit space should be a priority when preparing for any camping trip. Continue reading →
  8. Outdoor Dining Guide

    Outdoor Dining Guide
    One of best parts of any caravanning or camping trip is alfresco dining with family and friends and here at Towsure, we have a range of products designed to enhance your outdoor dining experience. Here’s a rundown of our essential outdoor dining products. Continue reading →
  9. BBQ Guide

    BBQ Guide
    BBQ season is officially in full swing and if you plan to spend a portion of your summer camping or caravanning, it’s time to take your BBQ on the road. Here’s a rundown of the best portable BBQs from charcoal to gas to help you fire up the coals on the campsite. Continue reading →

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