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Caravan Storage Guide

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By John Darnborough
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Caravan Storage Guide

There is no doubt that caravans offer so much but they also take up a lot of space when they are sat outside your home. You may not have the room outside your home and this will mean that you will have to put it into storage.

The figures show that putting your caravan into storage will ensure that it safe because 57% of caravan thefts are from the home when only 3% are from secure storage sites.

The Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association takes care of over 500 storage sites within the UK and all sites are checked for security along with ease of access all of which makes sure that the site has high levels of security. All sites come with a bronze, silver or gold award depending on the protection and service on offer.

Choosing a compound

You need to choose a compound that has great feedback so speak with other caravan owners and even campsite owners.

All storage sites should have CCTV and you will need to determine whether you want to store your caravan outdoors or indoors.

Choosing indoor storage will provide enhances security as well as protection from the weather but this will come at a higher cost.

The Benefits

There are many benefits that come with storage sites. Your caravan will be more secure thanks to the correct fencing, alarms and CCTV. You will have access to your caravan at any time which is the same as having it on your driveway and of course there is the added benefit of not having it on your driveway taking up space.

A few things to remember

When you are putting your caravan into storage for a period of time you will have to ensure that all security devices are fitted and that the keys are stored in a safe place. All doors, windows and rooflight will have to be secured and the wheels will have to be chocked.

Release the handbrake to prevent it from seizing up over the longer periods. If the leisure battery is not required for an alarm or tracker then take it home to charge and drain the water system as well as the toilet to protect it from frost if being stored outdoors.

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