After kicking back and relaxing over the festive period, the thought of bringing the caravan out of hibernation can give you the chills! But never fear, we have some useful tips that will get you and your reliable holidaying companion back on the tarmac.

An all over caravan check-up is highly recommended with everything being scrutinised from the bodywork, wheels, water, gas to electrical systems/appliances!

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Damp is certainly not a caravanner’s best friend, and if ignored can be a costly problem to both your wallet and health!

Airing your caravan and checking for the tell-tale signs of a musty odour, black marks around windows and doors, soft feeling walls with staining is a good start!

However, if you can tick any of the above, working through the following steps can clean up the problem:

  • Firstly, make sure you are wearing suitable protective clothing consisting of waterproof gloves & overalls and face mask
  • Mix a solution of washing up liquid and warm water (do not use bleach!)
  • Apply the solution directly to the affected areas and remove using a scrubbing brush
  • Once the mould has been removed, completely dry the area
  • Fill a spray bottle with a solution of 1 tablespoon of clove oil to 1 litre of water, and spray onto the area in question to prevent the damp from making another appearance
  • However, if the mould keeps returning with a vengeance, and is widespread, it is highly recommended to request the services of a professional

Even though you will have fully drained down your caravan’s water system prior to winter storage, it is recommended to re-sterilise, flush and refill to wash away that lingering musty smell (including flush tank and on-board toilet).

The same can be applied for the fridge by simply wiping down its interior with a solution of water and bicarbonate of soda to freeze up any lurking odours.

The importance of checking your caravan’s wheels/tyres and lights go without saying (especially if the wheels are taking the place of winter wheels)! They clock up many miles during Spring and Summer, so ensuring bolts are correctly tightened, tread is ample, and tyre pressure is optimal without cracking or bulging is essential!

The importance of preparing gas appliances/cylinder cannot be taken lightly either. If necessary, replace the gas cylinder/s, and ignite each of the caravan’s cooker jets to ensure there are no blockages – you are then cooking with gas! But remember to switch off the cylinder before taking to the tarmac!

Lastly before you are ready to roll (or tow), make sure you check that the breakaway cable is securely connected!