How To Spend Rainy Days On Your Caravan Holidays

How To Spend Rainy Days On Your Caravan Holidays
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By Jess Bradley
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How To Spend Rainy Days On Your Caravan Holidays

There is nothing worse than booking a caravan holiday and it is raining whilst you are there. Something that is bound to happen thanks to the great British summer weather. But what can you do except stay in the caravan all day?

Answer. Quite a lot. Just because the heavens have opened, doesn’t mean you have to put a hold on enjoying your holiday. Here are five things you can do on the wet and rainy days on your caravan holiday.


A walk in the rain

If you don’t want to be stuck indoors on a rainy day, why not stick on your wellies and raincoat and go exploring. Afterall, it would be a shame to waste a day because of the poor weather.

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Indoor day trips

Just because the weather is rubbish doesn’t mean your holiday has to be. When planning what you are wanting to do whilst away, make sure to save a few indoor excursions for a rainy day (literally). Depending on where you are, there are lots of museums to walk around, cinemas, and amusements.


Indoor swimming and play area

If you are staying at a caravan park, they are most likely going to have an indoor swimming pool and/or play area – perfect for keeping the kids entertained. Make sure your kids stay safe with the help of our swim safety range.


Games and movie day

When the heavens have opened, you sometimes don’t even want to step outside and would much rather stay warm and cosy in your caravan. And what better way to do just that than a games and movie day.

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