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Increase in Caravan Holidays Because we Love Our Pets?

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By John Darnborough
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Increase in Caravan Holidays Because we Love Our Pets?

In the UK, when the weather is warm, bright and sunny(!) is there any need to hop on a plane and head abroad? Good weather gives us even more of a reason to hitch up our caravans and head off but new research has shown just how stressful the holiday season can be – but why?

For the 46% of households that own a pet, heading on holiday can be stressful time because leaving their pet behind can be a difficult thing to do. In fact, the research shows that 87% of British people admit to checking that everything is ok with their pet while they are on holiday.

However, over 25% of those also admit to speaking to their pet directly during their holiday with many using Skype and FaceTime as the preferred method of communication. The truth is, many pet owners cannot bear to be away from their pet so they make the decision to stay at home.

There is no doubt that pets form an important part of family life and many class them as a family member. What may come as a surprise to many is the fact that many pet owners have considered cancelling their holidays, especially if they have not managed to find the right care for their pet while they are on holiday.

In addition to this, the cost of putting your pet into a kennel or cattery can be extremely costly with charges being as high as £50 per day which adds a significant amount to the total of the holiday.

The high costs and the fact that many people care deeply for their pets has led to an increase in the number of people who decide to holiday in the UK – also known as a staycation and this means that not only do the pet owners have a holiday but so do the pets. This has resulted in an increase in caravan holidays as well as a 550% rise in holidays booked in Cornwall.

The research suggests that pet owners think more about their pets than many realised which means that the whole family, including the pet, get a well-deserved break.

4 years ago