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Kampa Fiesta Air Pro 280 Review

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By John Darnborough
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Kampa Fiesta Air Pro 280 Review

The Fiesta range of Air Pro inflatable awnings from Kampa can be found in three different sizes that includes the 420, 350 and the 280 which is the smallest. The 280 is suitable in size for most and it fits caravans that have attachment rails at a height of 235m to 250cm.

This model is compact and it has a 6mm thick bead that fits easily into awning rails as well as a 4mm which fits a wind out awning. In total the weight of the awning is 15.9kg so ensure that it is secured during transit.

It comes with a manual pump that has an alloy shaft and for most this ideal for inflation. The support tubes connect via a system of valves and inflation takes a matter of minutes.

It consists of heavy duty 300D polyester that has a UV protective coating with taped seams. The front can be zipped as a whole or can be rolled back to create a veranda style opening.

Kampa Fiesta AwningIt has interchangeable side panels that can be zipped out and ventilation is good, there is also an acrylic window that comes with a curtain. Extra ventilation is offered by the roof apex.

A neat addition is the accessory track that allows the fitting of an organiser or a rail for hanging items.
When it comes to taking the awning down, it is quick and easy and the storage bag is large, which makes packing it away simple. The size of the pack is 75cm x 37cm x 37cm so you may find it difficult to find somewhere to store it.

A zip-on arched canopy can be used and this offer enhanced protection from the weather. An aluminium pole supports it as well as ring and pin fixings which are located at ground level. Another great option is annexe which can double as a bedroom or a storage space and it can be fitted onto either side.

With a wide range of options and a number of colour choices, it can be picked up for smidgen below £600.


See the Kampa Fiesta Air Pro 280 here

4 years ago