Choosing the right size for a child's bike is the key to helping your child start to enjoy cycling. The right size bike will be easy - and safe - to handle.  Too big a bike will be hard to handle, which dents confidence. Too small and it can be hard to pedal and simply no fun.

Our kids bike size guide can help.

There's also growth to take into account too - children grow at different rates so one 5 year old may need a differently sized bicycle than another. And whilst you definitely don't want to buy a bike too big to ride safely, neither do you want to buy new kids bikes every few months!

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There are quite a few size options which at first look confusing - but there work out advantageous as there is quite a bit of overlap - for instance a 3'11" tall 6 year old just outgrowing a 14" wheel bike can usually skip the 16" size and move up to an 18" wheel bike.

Still sounds confusing? Our age/height guide below will help you measure up for a new childrens bike that will be suitable.



Wheel Size Age Height
12" Wheel 2-4 2’ 11" - 3’ 7” 89cm - 110cm
14" Wheel 4-6 3’ 5” - 3’ 10” 105cm - 118cm
16" Wheel 5-7 3’ 8” - 4’ 0” 114cm - 122cm
18" Wheel 6-8 3’ 10” - 4’ 2” 118cm - 128cm
20" Wheel 7-9 4’ 1” - 4’ 5” 125cm - 135cm
24" Wheel 8-11 4’ 4” - 4' 9" 132cm - 145cm
16" Wheel
(Small Frame*)
11+ 4' 9" + 145cm+


18” Wheel 7-10 4'1" - 4'8" 125cm - 142cm
20” Wheel 9+ 4'6" + 137cm+


Note that BMX bike size is different as a full adult BMX has  20" wheels - handlebars are higher and the riding style is different for a BMX than a junior mountain bike

The above table is a guideline only - as children can grow at varying rates and frame sizes can vary between manufacturers and models  this should be taken as a guide based on average height and is not a substitute for trying a bike for size. It remains the customer's responsibility to ensure that the bike purchased is the correct size for their child to ride safely

Kids on BMX bikes with full face helmets at a skate park