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Motorbike Camping

Ever thought about hitting the highway on your motorbike and adventuring out on a camping weekend? With a long stretch of road ahead with stunning scenery painted either side, being able to fully experience it instead of being restricted behind the glass windows of a car is marvellous!

Motorbike camping is all about keeping things simple for success!

You will not be in for a bumpy ride if you pack all the necessities (not the kitchen sink!), in suitable luggage.

First things first though – you must know the workings of your motorcycle like the back of your hand from its tyres through to brakes to make sure you reach your destination in safety.

Motorbike Camping Motorbike Camping

Another important factor is not to overpack your two-wheeled companion! Unevenly placed, weighted items that are not positioned as low to the ground as possible will have a profound effect on road handling which can become a major safety issue.

Motorcycle luggage can be divided into 3 categories:

  • Hard
  • Leather
  • Textile

Hard luggage is manufactured with mounting systems that hold your items securely in place but can be detached as easy as they are attached with the help of a key.

Leather luggage can also be constructed with mounting systems, however, the leather itself will require special care and attention if to secure its quality.

Textile luggage is the more popular choice of the three as it is durable, waterproof, easy to mount and inexpensive.

So, now you have your luggage sorted, the next hurdle is to choose your items wisely in terms of necessity and size.

When bunking down for the night you have two choices: either a tent or piece of tarpaulin to provide shelter for both you and your sidekick. It wouldn’t be worthwhile picking a fight with 7-man tent if you are a solo traveller, so only pack a tent of fitting size! A sheet of tarpaulin with the help of tent pegs and your motorbike for support can also work as long as mother nature doesn’t decide to rain on your parade – the choice is certainly yours!

A sleeping bag or mat is the next item on the packing list, and again each has pros and cons. A goose down material sleeping bag is by far the better insulator than its synthetic counterpart but will carry a higher price tag.

Like a sleeping bag, a sleeping mat will provide that layer of insulation between you and the ground, and can be packed away with ease. However, they can be less comfortable and warm.

Although you are getting back to nature with as little of those creature comforts as possible, we don’t recommend you go in search for nourishment by eating berries off trees or other strange-looking plants in the woods. A small and lightweight backpacking stove will meet your culinary needs, and will not overload your travel weight (however, eating too many burgers on a warm evening might!).

Lastly, it is recommended to take a spare change of clothing in case of unscheduled downpours.

So, all that is left is to ‘get on yer bike’, and explore what our beautiful country has to offer!

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