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Outwell Drying Rack Reviewed

Outwell Drying Rack Reviewed
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By John Darnborough
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Outwell Drying Rack Reviewed

Any caravan enthusiast will understand the importance of having a good clothes airer. When the sun is shining there is nothing better than getting the clothes out in the open so they can dry properly. In the winter it is a different story as people are unable to leave their clothes outside to dry and that means that drying clothes inside where space is important.

Many campsites do offer laundry facilities but if you only have a few items of clothing to dry this can prove costly and of course, there are clothes that should not be tumble dried.

This is where the Outwell Drying Rack can come in extremely handy with its price of around £25 being extremely competitive.

As a premium brand, Outwell are not known for coming under the price of their competitors but this is currently one of the cheapest freestanding options available. It comes with pegs and hook rings and with its ability to be fixed to the ground, it means that it can withstand even the breeziest of summer days.

This is designed for the outdoors and it serves that purpose extremely well. It is possible to use it indoors but it does take up a decent amount of space which means that it could be best placed in the corner of a large awning. It can also be used in conjunction with a separately available jockey wheel clamp for complete stability.

Outwell's Rotary Airer features four arms for maximum drying space

When opened, the airer offers almost 15 metres of drying space which is a lot considering the space it takes up. However, as with many of these airers, the lines on the Outwell Drying rack can often become tangled when it is folded down. This causes them to snag on things which can cause damage but it also makes it difficult to open it up. One neat feature of this airer is the clamped top hub. This allows you to tension the lines by pushing the hub downwards once the arms have been extended.

If you have the space and need for an airer that is freestanding, then the Outwell Drying Rack is ideal. It offers great value for money and with the amount of drying space it has to offer it is possible to dry a lot of clothes when you are on holiday.


See the Outwell Rotary Airer here

4 years ago