Picnic Essentials - Everything You'll Need When Dining Outside

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By Jess Bradley
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Picnic Essentials - Everything You'll Need When Dining Outside

With going abroad being a grey area, there are still lots of ways for you to enjoy your summer in the UK. Picnics being one of them. But aside from the food, what essentials should you make sure you take with you?


A cool bag

When taking food on a picnic, the one thing you don’t want is for your food to spoil or get warm in the sun. Solution? A cool bag. Designed to keep your picnic fresh, you can simply pack up all of your sandwiches and snacks and keep them cold until you are ready to eat. If you need to cater for a big group, you could always upgrade to a cool box – perfect for carrying a picnic feast.


Reusable cutlery and plates

Whilst you might just bring sandwiches and other finger foods, you may also find it useful to bring some reusable cutlery and plates that you can take back home, stick in the dishwasher, and bring with you next time. Reusable picnic sets also tend to be plastic, so you are less likely to have any breakages.


Portable barbeque

When you think ‘picnic’, you typically think about taking sandwiches and cold food. But, you could also take a portable barbeque to mix it up. Afterall, there is nothing better than a burger and hotdog to enjoy on a summer’s day.


Folding furniture

Something that might not be an essential for everyone is taking your own chairs. Afterall, not all picnic hotspots have benches! With so many different types out there, you are spoilt for choice with lots of different colours and styles to choose from.


First aid kit

Whilst you might not necessarily need most things in a first aid kit, it is useful to take hay fever medication, bug repellent and sun cream with you to keep you protected. After all, nature has a way of trying to ruin your picnic.



If you are planning on taking a pet with you, you need to make sure you cater for them as well. instead of just grabbing their usual food bowl, you can get compact versions that you can easily roll up and keep in small spaces – perfect for taking away in a packed car.

When packing for your picnic with pets, you should consider taking a cool mat for your furry friends. Whilst you can just sit in a shady spot, cool mats help regulate your pet’s body temperature. They also don’t take up a lot of room as they are easily rollable.


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