The Raleigh Molli is one of the UK's best selling girls pavement cycles for children aged 3 and over. This cute and fun little bike comes in 3 sizes of frame, each in a different shade of pink or purple, that all look fantastic, making it an ideal Christmas gift this year.


[caption id="attachment_1437" align="alignnone" width="800"]The 3 models of Raleigh Molli bike The 3 models of Raleigh Molli bike[/caption]


Raleigh's commitment to quality shines through on these girls bikes, with soft, rounded decals applied under a coat of clear lacquer to protect then from knocks and scrapes as your little girl learns to ride, meaning that these bikes stay looking great for longer - making them an ideal choice to hand down to another child as the original owner grows into a bigger bike.

The step-over frames are made of aluminium alloy making them lighter than a similar all-steel bike and easier to control, making sure that riding the Molli bike is always super fun.

All the models in the Molli bicycle range come with colour matched training wheel stabilisers, that can be easily removed as your child learns to ride on her own. The chain is completrely encased in a matching plastic chain case with Molli graphics keeping cogs and chains away from little fingers and toes. Pedalling the Molli is easier and safer with colour coded anti-slip junior pedals with soft edges to prevent scrapes.

Designed in a traditional style these bright and colourful bikes have light brown handlebar grips and saddle, and to complete the package, come with a wicker front basket and a Molli plush puppy - a furry friend to travel along on bike rides.

[caption id="attachment_1434" align="alignnone" width="800"]Each Molli bike comes with its own Molli puppy plush toy Each Molli bike comes with its own Molli puppy plush toy[/caption]


The saddle and handlebars are both height adjustable to allow for growth, and brake levers are easy to reach junior size, to make controlling the bike easy and safe. All models have alloy wheel rims that improve braking over steel wheel rims as well as making the bike lighter. The smallest 12" wheel model has sidepull caliper brakes whilst the larger 14" and 16" wheel models have V-brakes for improved braking, fitted with a front modulator to guard against braking too sharply

These little bikes are incredibly popular - you can make sure that you secure your Raleigh Molli for Christmas 2019 by laying away today - just £20 deposit secures your bike and you can make payments via PayPal or in-store until the bike is paid for, and have the bike delivered or collect from store close to Christmas, removing the worry about where to hide a bike from curious eyes!


[caption id="attachment_1435" align="alignnone" width="800"]Molli 12" Wheel Girls Bike Molli 12" Wheel Girls Bike[/caption]


With a 12" wheel this bike is aimed at riders from 3 years of age and comes in a bright pink finish

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[caption id="attachment_1438" align="alignnone" width="800"]Molli 14" Wheel Girls Bike Molli 14" Wheel Girls Bike[/caption]


The 14" wheel model bike suits riders 4 years and over. A light baby pink colour scheme with darker chain case and mudguards looks great.

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[caption id="attachment_1436" align="alignnone" width="800"]Molli 16" Wheel Girls Bike Molli 16" Wheel Girls Bike[/caption]


The largest of the Raleigh Molli bikes, the 16" wheel model suits riders 5 and up. In a light purple finish the styling is inspired by classic grown up bikes, but in a smaller package

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Age recommendations are for guidance only as children grow at varying rates. Order or reserve your Raleigh bike for Christmas 2019 today at a fantastic price from Towsure and avoid disappointment!