1. Tiger Ventura Review - Entry Level Hybrid/Touring Bike

    Tiger Ventura Review - Entry Level Hybrid/Touring Bike
    Aimed at the leisure rider looking for an entry level hybrid bike that is already kitted out for carrying luggage, Tiger's Ventura bike comes in crossbar and step through models with three sizes available in the diamond frame crossbar model, and two sizes in the step-through. In this review we take a look in more detail at the bike's build and specification. Continue reading →
  2. Electric Bike Guide

    Electric Bike Guide
    Electric bikes have made quite the impact on the cycling industry and are a popular choice for cycling enthusiasts who want all of the pleasure of a bike ride without all the leg work. If you are considering purchasing an e-bike, our handy guide will tell you everything you need to know. Continue reading →
  3. Folding Bikes - for Caravan Holidays

    Folding Bikes - for Caravan Holidays
    A folding bike is a great extra to take along on a caravan holiday. Whether you choose a single speed basic model or a more advanced model depends on the riding you want to do, the terrain and the distance. Folding electric bikes are also a fantastic way of getting around when you're on holiday, seeing more sights without parking worries.

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