1. World Mental Health Day - 10th October 2018

    World Mental Health Day - 10th October 2018
    Happy Camping and Hiking! Did you know: A recent study has shown that individuals at a greater risk of developing mental health issues including anxiety or depression will benefit greatly from spending time outdoors – outdoors is becoming the new indoors! Continue reading →
  2. Outdoor Dining Guide

    Outdoor Dining Guide
    One of best parts of any caravanning or camping trip is alfresco dining with family and friends and here at Towsure, we have a range of products designed to enhance your outdoor dining experience. Here’s a rundown of our essential outdoor dining products. Continue reading →
  3. Choosing a Camping Stove

    Choosing a Camping Stove
    If you're camping, some kind of camping stove is a necessity - unless of course you enjoy cold beans! For the caravanner equipped with a fully-featured cooker and grill, a camping stove is still a useful and fun way of staying out of doors to make the most of summer weather. Maybe it is a psychological thing, but there always seems to be a different taste to food cooked out of doors, and with it a real sense of "getting away from it all"....

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