Over the years, the annual World Space Week has expanded like the wonders of the universe into the largest space event on the planet! In celebration to this year’s theme ‘Space Unites the World’, why not bring the family closer together with a stargazing camping expedition away from technology and stresses of everyday life – marshmallows, blankets and hot chocolate at the ready!

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World Space Week is a global observance of the contribution of space science and technology to improve the human condition.

More than 3700 events in 80 countries have celebrated the wonders of the cosmos, and now it’s time for you to get involved too!

There are many health benefits to be had by sleeping under a blanket of stars. Instead of being a night owl in front of a mobile device, why not study the heavens and catch a shooting star or two! Enjoying the stillness and non-artificial light polluted beauty of the celestial sphere after hours will increase your body’s level of light sensitive hormone Melatonin, and thus restore your sleep pattern. However, this is only a temporary measure as research has found Melatonin levels to drop even after a few days of being back in the concrete jungle.

So why not use this as the ideal reason to plan future stargazing missions, pitching up in a different location every time. Also download and print a map of the stars, so once you have used your road map to find your destination you can map out the stars and maybe discover new galaxies.

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The Met Office have created a wondrous website pinpointing all the ideal camp stops to pitch up, relax, and spot the Orion: https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/barometer/features/best-campsites-for-stargazing

For all your stargazing camping trip necessities visit: https://www.towsure.com