More and more people are changing the way they commute each day and reaping the benefits of cycling to work.

Many parents are also encouraging their children to cycle to school. So what exactly are the benefits of swapping your car for a bicycle and could it work for your family?



Cycle-FitIncreased Fitness and Agility

Both adults and children can benefit from introducing more physical activity into their daily routines and cycling to work or school is a simple way to do this.

If you have a sedentary job, cycling can give your fitness levels a much-needed boost even if your commute takes as little as fifteen to thirty minutes. With increased physical activity comes a whole host of health benefits from improved bone strength to increased mental alertness and productivity.


Piggy-BankPurse Friendly

Not only does cycling to work or school mean great things for your physical health, it can also increase the health of your bank balance also.

Making this simple change can shave thousands of pounds off your yearly commute and put an end to those costly fuel bills.


Cycle-PathLower Your Carbon Footprint

Cycling is one of the most eco friendly types of transport around, so cycling to work or to school can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and is not only kind to your wallet, but kind to the planet also.

More and more families are adopting finding new ways to save energy and support eco friendly practices and cycling to work and school is an easy one to add to your list. Reduce the amount of pollution in your local area by encouraging family members to use their bike instead of their car.


Cycle-To-SchoolA Confidence Boost for Kids

Letting your child cycle to school comes with a plethora of health and financial benefits, but it also gives them a sense of independence.

Cycling to school involves learning the rules of the road and in the process can make them feel the confidence that comes with completing the commute to school independently.

Of course, when commuting by bike, safety is paramount and it is wise to stock up on a range of high-quality cycling clothing and cycling gear for you and your family.


Once you have chosen the perfect bike, it's important to invest in the correct safety equipment such as helmets and hi-vis clothing. It is important that you and your child are visible to road users at all times.