Top 4 Things You Can Do In The Summer Holidays

Top 4 Things You Can Do In The Summer Holidays
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By Jess Bradley
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Top 4 Things You Can Do In The Summer Holidays

With oversees travel still a bit of a mystery, parents are having to find new ways to fill the six weeks holidays. But how exactly do you fill 41 days when you aren’t able to jet off somewhere?



Even though overseas travel is currently restricted, there is nothing stopping you from having a staycation somewhere in the UK. And there are lots of different places to suit everyone’s needs. It is also easy spend just a weekend, a week or even more somewhere in the UK to make memories with your kids and family.


Day Trips

If you are unable to go on a staycation, day trips are also a great way to fill your summer holidays. Depending on where you live, you may need to travel to certain places, but its worth it in the end. Some day trip ideas include:

  • The seaside – an obvious choice but a must in the summer.
  • Zoo/aquarium – great for kids, especially the younger ones.
  • Theme parks – more suited to older kids, but lots of fun.
  • Museums – loads of different types, perfect for whatever you are interested in



Outdoor Activities

If you and your kids are more into the great outdoors, the summer holidays are the perfect time to explore the wilderness. When it is warm and sunny (if you are lucky) you can go family bike trips along trails, go on walks through the woods, and if you’re kids are little adrenaline junkies in the making, there are lots of tree top ropes courses around the country like Go Ape.


Rainy Days

If you are from the UK, you’ll know that the summer is hardly ever rainbows and sunshine. Instead, it tends to be cold, wet, and rainy most days. So, what are you meant to do when the heavens open?

  • Make a fort – perfect for a cozy film day indoors
  • Have a baking day – a sweet way to get the kids involved
  • Indoor picnic – lay out the tartan blanket indoors and enjoy a feast
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