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World Habitat Day - 1st October 2018

Designated since 1986 by the United Nations, and observed every 1st Monday in October, World Habitat Day is celebrated across the entire globe.

On 1st October the title of 2018’s theme will be ‘Municipal Solid Waste Management’ with slogan ‘Waste Wise Cities’, which will bring into the spotlight the living conditions of our towns and cities, and the basic human right for shelter. We need reminding that we collectively hold the responsibility to protect our neck of the woods for future generations.

However, why not put a slight twist on 2018’s theme and also observe the natural habitats of other creatures that surround our concrete jungle by either undertaking a hiking or camping excursion – go respectfully wild in the country.

Relaxing in Woodland Relaxing in Woodland

Don’t be a creature of habit within the four walls of your house! Break the habit and surround yourself and family with falling leaves of rich, autumnal shades of red and brown, and the natural habitats of hedgehogs, owls, foxes and even badgers at their most unfamiliar – see the forest for the trees!


Grey Squirrel Grey Squirrel

But remember not to leave a trace of your visit out of respect to the animals you have spent the night or weekend alongside.

Please visit:  for camping locations within beautiful, picturesque National Parks dotted around the country.