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Cadac Brand Header

Cadac offer an extensive range of "Adventure To Go" products that fulfils the growing needs, worldwide, for people to 'escape' from the congested, cloned, time-starved lifestyle. People need an easy, affordable and universally accessible way to get more value from their precious leisure moments. Cadac Barbecues innovative, quality range of cooking, camping and accessories, has been developed and designed, with the growing need for outdoor comfort and convenience, in mind. Enjoy the adventure of new discoveries with us.

Cadac stays in touch with evolving lifestyles and the growing worldwide trend of people seeking ways to make the most of outdoor living, leisure time and outdoor events, shared with family and friends.  Because Cadac's innovative, quality gas and charcoal patio range and fine accessories have been developed and designed, with evolving outdoor leisure lifestyles in mind, Cadac has become synonymous with great outdoor cooking enjoyment and companionship not only away from home but on patios everywhere.