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Milenco is a trusted brand of caravan accessories, established in 1993 as a manufacturer of high quality caravan wheel clamps. The Milenco wheel clamp remains a favourite to this day with ongoing improvements over the years keeping pace with new innovations in caravan security, attack resistance and new caravan specifications.

Since those early days, Milenco wheelclamps are not the only high security locks available - the Milenco hitch lock range features the same high quality attention to design; with hitchlocks for caravans with most styles of hitch; alko hitchlock and winterhoff hitch locks feature in the range. The Milenco hitchlock and wheel clamp manufacturing facility is based within the UK, with state of the art production and engineering.

The security range today is enhanced by caravan door lock and motorhome cab lock designs; locks for caravan doors which offer security without looking unsightly.

The same ethos of quality, security and stability is applied to Milenco caravan steps - designed to not wobble or sink, and to sturdy towing mirrors which attach securely without vibration - the milenco towing mirror range is the brand of choice for aero mirrors which can be difficult to attach a standard caravan mirror to.

Milenco leveller ramps and blocks are similarly trusted to be easy to use, with the Superlevel system making caravan levelling as easy as possible. In fact all Milenco products are carefully designed and thoroughly tested to give the best performance and durability; whilst still remaining affordable.

Milenco products are available online at and in our caravan superstores in Sheffield and Halesowen.