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TV & Satellite

Selected Brands for Top Quality

We select our brands and products carefully to offer an unbeatable combination of high performance and value for money.

TV's Designed for Mobile Use

Our range of mobile TVs are designed specifically for caravan and campervan use, much more than simply a small portable TV

Twin & Triple Tuner TV's

Watch TV and record another channel on a portable USB stick - camping doesn't mean missing a favourite show!

A Range to Suit Everyone

Portable satellite kits for occasional camping to high-end, fully automatic cranking satellite systems for motorhome installation

Dedicated Accessories

Our range includes matching carry cases to protect or carry your TV with you to prevent theft

Caravan TV Mounting Brackets

Campervan TV mounting brackets to mount your portable TV securely within your caravan's interior




Enjoy top quality TV for caravan or campervan

Modern flat-screen televisions are light, portable and easy to take away on your caravanning holiday.  TVs specially designed for travelling - all ready for digital.  Satellite dishes & aerials for great reception wherever you go.

Having good entertainment while on holiday can be the cherry on top of a great experience. A quality TV & entertainment system can be that cherry during your caravan adventures.

Being able to watch your favourite TV show while away from home shouldn't have to be difficult. Having a flatscreen TV and a special aerial mast or satellite dish & receiver fitted can be the difference between a dreary, boring night stuck in the caravan, or an entertaining evening full of laughter.

A good TV and the ability to get reception can give you a lot of entertainment options - and it can be a lifesaver if it's raining and you have children. Radio's another great option if you want some light background entertainment while playing a board game. It's also a useful tool for weather forecasts and emergencies

When you work hard the rest of the year, your holiday should be extra special, and a good TV and entertainment system and Multimo satellite kit can help ensure that.