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Caravan Motor Movers

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Caravan Motor Movers from Towsure

Why Buy a Remote Caravan Mover?

Manoeuvre your caravan easily onto your drive, into storage or onto your pitch without difficult reversing and without physical exertion of trying to push your caravan on gravel, grass and slopes. No stress, no sweat!

Caravan movers take all the hard work out of getting your caravan into position, wherever you're staying, meaning there's no need to become a reversing superstar. Instead manoeuvring your caravan onto your driveway or pitch is a breeze.

The caravan mover is an electronic, motorised device that's fitted to the chassis, and it allows you to control the movement of the caravan by remote control. The motor powers up and connects to rollers attached to your wheels, which enables the caravan to move in the direction you want. Movers can be very precise, all at the touch of a button.

Different caravan movers come with different power motors. Heavier caravans require more power to move easily. Single axle motors use rollers on two wheels, whereas double axle motors work with rollers on all four wheels. More powerful motors are also advisable if your pitch or driveway are on a steep gradient.

Have a more relaxing holiday this time and move your caravan into place at the press of a button.

You can order kits to fit a motor mover yourself - or for the complete service and peace of mind, order a caravan mover with mobile fitting service and one of our team of natiownide installers will contact you to arrange a time and place convenient for you - at your home, at the storage compound etc. to fit and test your brand new remote caravan mover - it couldn't be simpler!

Can I fit my own Caravan Motor Mover?

Fit your own caravan mover with Towsure's caravan motor mover kits. If you're handy with the spanners, you can fit your own remote controlled motor mover and save money - our kits for DIY motor mover fitting are delivered directly to your door. Fit a Towsure motor mover yourself, and enjoy the ease of manoeuvring your caravan on your driveway or on-site at the push of a button - easy!

All of our DIY motor movers have the option of professional fitting too - so you don't have to even own a spanner to enjoy the benefits of effortless and safe caravan moving

Peace of Mind with Professional, Mobile Caravan Mover Fitting by Towsure

Enjoy effortless manoeuvring of your caravan with a remote controlled motor mover. Towsure's caravan mover fitting service ;offers a professional installation at your home or in your storage compound, giving you complete piece of mind that your mover system is installed correctly and safely.

Simply order caravan mover fitting, the motor mover will be delivered directly to you and our nationwide team of friendly installers will contact you to arrange a convenient time and place for your caravan mover to be fitted. - It's THAT easy!

Order and book caravan motor mover fitting from Towsure - with movers backed by a 5 year warranty!