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Camping Cookware & Tableware

Pans for cooking on a camping stove are designed to be lighter than your household cookware, not only to make carrying your camping pans easier, but also for more efficient cooking on a camping stove.

Our range includes family size camping cook sets with a range of nested pans, great for cooking for the whole family - or at the other end of the scale, army mess tins are great for a quick camping meal with less washing up afterwards. Whatever the size of the pan set, all are designed to stack together neatly to take up less space in your tent.

A camping kettle will boil water quicker on a camping stove - meaning you don't have to wait long for your morning cuppa.

We have products from brands including Cadac and Campingaz to give you the best choice of cookware and tableware for camping.

Which material?

Stainless steel camping pans are some of the most durable cookware sets - the strength of the steel means that cooksets stand up well to the rigours of camping, although heat retention is marginally lower

Aluminium camping pans and kettles are economical, light in weight and have the advantage of transferring heat quickly to your food. The softer material does however pick up knocks easier although this is not so much of a concern for occasional use camping pans as it would be for daily use housewares

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