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Cool Boxes & Coolbags

Our range of coolboxes and cool bags are suitable for all occasions. Cooler boxes and bags on sale at Towsure range from large 3-way powered coolers/freezers to portable lightweight insulated coolbags, plus freeze packs and other accessories.

Cool bags pack down small and are ideal for picnics and days out - easy to carry these insulated bags keep food and drinks cool and fresh for longer - you can drop in a few freezer ice packs too which help keep the temperature low.

For longer trips and a greater volume Towsure sell insulated coolboxes in both standard versions and powered models. A standard coolbox has a higher performing level of insulation than a coolerbag, keeping contents fresher for longer - the range includes the Coleman Xtreme range with an advanced insulation keeping the temperature low for much longer.

An electric coolbox is great whether or not you have EHU on your pitch or not!  If you have mains power, connect a 12 volt coolbox to the mains with a power transformer - if you haven't got EHU no worries - the insulation still performs like a standard coolbox at rest, and you can pop it in the car, plug it in and re-cool the box when you go for trips out. More advanced coolboxes feature 240v input without need for a separate power pack, and 3-way coolers with gas mode, so that you can keep your food cool using your camping gas supply.