Towsure is a one-stop shop to find a windbreak for your next beach day or camping trip. Browse a variety of windbreaks in a range of sizes and colours, you’re sure to find one in your style! Go well equipped with all the accessories you’d need for setting up and storage for easy travel. So, when the weather turns but you’re not going to let a strong sea breeze ruin the fun, you can be prepared. On a sandy beach, this would provide a layer of protection from any sand being carried in the wind, so you can protect yourself from unwanted sand in your suncream! Or if you’re looking to add one to your camping plot for privacy and to avoid any wind-related incidents at dinner time, then take a look at the collections below. You can also use them to protect any exposed young trees or plant nurseries so your delicate blooms or crops can be well protected from the wind.

A Windbreak is One of the Best and Most Useful Pieces of your Camping Setup

 If you’re planning a camping or caravanning holiday, one of the smartest investments you can make is in a windbreak Windbreaks provide much-needed protection from the wind and rain when enjoying outdoor activities, helping to keep your camping space sheltered and comfortable.  No more struggling with the wind blowing out your stove!

A windbreak will also help you to keep your privacy on the campsite, beach or wherever you decide to pitch.  Enclosing your pitch deters other campers from taking a "short-cut" through your personal space.

Inflatable air windbreaks are particularly popular choices for campers as they are lightweight and easy to set up; simply inflate them with a high-volume pump!  Air windbreaks are a perfect match for your air tent or air awning - in fact many air tent brands also produce windbreaks to exactly match their tent or awning.

Poled windbreaks are a more traditional approach, are simple, easy to pitch and more economical than the air models.  The poles are made from materials such as wood, steel, fibreglass or aluminium poles which makes them very durable and sturdy - and replacement poles are often available should you be unlucky enough to damage one!

Both types of windbreak come in different sizes and shapes too so it should be easy to find one that suits your needs perfectly

We have a wide variety of windbreak colours available, you can even match them to your tent or camping chair. We stock models from many different outdoor equipment brands such as KampaOutwell and Sunncamp.

Best Selling Windbreaks

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