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Gas & Fuel

Gas & Fuel

Your caravan's gas supply is vital to the enjoyment of your camping holiday, keeping you warm, heating your water for washing and showering, and of course, cooking your campsite meals. Towsure's Caravan Gas range includes the correct regulators for your bottle/s, and changeover heads meaning that you don't need to stop cooking to change the bottle. Gas level indicators ensure that you never run out of Camping Gas unexpectedly.

Whatever fuel your camping stove runs on, be it camping gaz, coleman fuel or solid fuel, Towsure have the camping stove fuel you need.  Campingaz cartridges to suit your gas stove with pierceable camping gas cartridges or Easy-Clic connection cylinders. Make sure that you check which camping gas your stove takes before buying to ensure you get the correct type.

Coleman fuel is a highly refined petrol for use in Coleman stoves. It burns cleaner than regular petrol and performs well even at higher altitudes and poor weather.

Solid fuel tablets for camping suit compact backpacking solid fuel stoves - small and effective they are a great solution to lightweight camping