Caravan power supply and mains kits plus generators, leisure batteries and solar panels, for power even when site hook-ups are not available.  Replacement lighting for inside your caravan, electic heaters & powered insect repellants to keep pests at bay.

Camping doesn't have to mean roughing it - not on a pitch with electric hookups! Take your portable TV, or any other electrical appliances you wish, and plug them in safely with our mains units with RCD protection. No hookups? No problem! A power inverter can provide mains voltage from your car's battery, for the perfect solution to no mains supply.

Experiencing a black out in the middle of your holiday is no fun, especially with all the gadgets we like to use. Having a good power supply that you can rely on is a necessity for every caravan.

Power is a resource that can be obtained in many ways on a campsite: there are adaptations that allow you to plug your caravan into the site mains; you can generate your own power using solar panels or generators; batteries can provide power for smaller needs and are great for backup; inverters convert electricity into a form that can be used by your devices.

Electrical tools such as circuit testers, wire strippers and electrical connectors give you the option to test and, if needed, fix problems that arise. Electrical tape is also good to keep on hand, as it has many uses due to its insulation qualities and durability.

There's no reason for you to be unplugged while out adventuring in your caravan – you could even live off the grid full-time if you wanted to.