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Caravan Security

Caravan Security

At Towsure we have an excellent range of security products to keep your valuable safe throughout the Winter months and beyond

When Autumn and Winter comes not many people are interested in taking the caravan out, and often they will sit in a driveway or in storage for the entire season. Whilst they are unused, ensuring that they are left secure is paramount to keeping them safe.

In our security section you can buy everything from wheel clamps to locks for caravan doors. Our caravan locks are excellent for securing the entrance to your caravan whilst it is not in use.

Our wheel clamps are perfect for making sure your caravan will not go anywhere, making it extremely difficult to break into or move away. We stock Stronghold clamps and a brilliant range of Milenco wheel clamps to give you a large selection to choose from.

Our hitch locks are a necessity for keeping the hitch of your caravan or trailer secure, making one more obstacle in the way of potential thieves that will put them off. These hitch locks make it impossible for anyone other than you to hook up their vehicle to the caravan or trailer, providing you with piece of mind that your caravan or trailer is safe when you're not there