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Caravan & Car Outfit Matcher

Making sure that your towcar and caravan are well matched is important - and it is not always easy. You can trawl through magazines and website towcar reviews and gain all kinds of important information including caravan towing weights and towing capacity, but we know that the important thing to you is "will that award-winning towcar perform as well with YOUR caravan as it did on test?"

You can find out how well matched your car and caravan towing outfit is,  with our free to use guide, provided in conjunction with There is no subscription and no fees to pay to use the whattowcar data.


Select your car & caravan manufacturers to begin matching >    


Note:  The outfit match will take you to, a site outside of  All data is held by and provided by  Towsure Products Ltd are not responsible for any errors or ommisions in the outfit matching guide, or any other content on, or linked from, the website.

Cars towing caravans on a busy UK motorway

Image courtesy Highway Agency