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Caravan Full Covers

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Caravan Cover Shop at Towsure

At Towsure we have a large range of caravan covers for sale, in different sizes to fit. Caravan covers keep your home away from home as beautiful as the day your bought it, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Protection with Breathable Covers for Caravans

  • Our caravan covers are made from a coated fabric that provides a protective layer for the bodywork and caravan in general.
  • Waterproof covers are great for shielding your caravan from the adverse effects of rain, frost or UV rays - and let's not forget tree sap and bird droppings.
  • Having a waterproof cover means that your bodywork is protected and easy to keep clean.
  • A breathable caravan cover means your caravan will remain in good condition even with constant exposure to the sun and other elements.

Enjoy your caravan for as long as possible and don't let those birds damage your paintwork with our quality caravan covers.

Leading Brand Caravan Covers

We don't stock supermarket covers in our caravan cover shop, or unbranded covers of dubious quality. Our branded caravan covers prices offer fantastic value plus the peace of mind that when you buy from Towsure, Caravan Covers UK supplier by mail order, you are buying a quality product made to protect your pride and joy. Our range includes the Streetwise caravan cover range, Kampa and the well-known Maypole caravan covers - all of these caravanning brands producing accessories widely used by caravanners across the UK and overseas!

Universal Caravan Covers are Easy to Fit

With elasticated hems and adjustable straps to pull the cover around your caravan, a universal cover can be just as easy to fit as a bespoke tailored caravan cover - whilst offering better value and keeping caravan covers prices lower - and allowing for any extra accessories that you might fit which aren't part of the original caravan specification.

With universal caravan covers Bailey, Elldiss, Hobby etc. you can protect your caravan whatever make it is.

Which Size Caravan Cover?

To measure your caravan, simply measure from the rearmost point of the caravan bodywork, to the nose of the caravan where it meets the A-frame. Do not include the A-frame in the measurement.  Then simply schoose the size range of cover that your caravan fits into - it's so easy!

What about a Caravan Cover with a TV Aerial / Satellite Dish or Flue Outlet?

With a universal fitting caravan cover, it doesn't matter if you add an Aerial, satellite dish etc. There's no need to worry about having to get a new cover or worry about non-standard equipment that might not be accounted for with a bespoke cover. It's always best to retract items which are retractable - for masts that can't retract fully or flue outlets, use foam, pipe lagging or similar to cover any sharp edges - this guards against damage to the cover. We particularly liked one online tip we read, suggesting a tennis ball with a hole in it as a perfect "cap" for a mast!

Should I Clean my Caravan Before Fitting a Caravan Cover?

Yes! It's very important, especially when covering up your caravan for the winter, to thoroughly clean and dry off your caravan before fitting any cover. It's not just the cosmetic benefit of uncovering a nice, clean van for the following season. This is because any fine dirt and grit that collects over the season might not be easily visible to the eye, acts as an abrasive when trapped between the caravan bodywork and even the softest fabric, moving in the breeze. Specially formulated caravan cleaning solutions such as Fenwicks Overwintering are designed to ensure your caravan is clean and protected from damage.