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Caravan Front Towing Covers

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Caravan Towing Covers - A Common Sense Towing Protector

Some back country roads can be rough to drive on, but the worst thing is to arrive at your campsite and find chips or cracks in your window. With towing protector covers you can protect your caravan from damage while travelling.

Benefits of a Caravan Front Cover: Protection from Debris

Towing protector covers shield the lower caravan and its front windows from impact and road grime while you drive to your destination. They give an added layer of protection to your windows and bodywork. It avoids all the stress caused by errant stones and debris that can crack your windows or damage your caravan. Once the protection cover is removed your caravan will be as clean as it was when you set off, no road grime or insects.

Keep your Caravan Clean

Towing on wet and dirty roads can cause road dirt, tar and dirty water to be thrown up the front of your caravan - over time dulling and discolouring your bodywork, not to mention looking unappealing! With a tow-pro cover you don't need to worry - your caravan will stay under the protection of a quality multi-layer membrane.

Exhaust fumes can stain the entire front end of your caravan - even with a towcar in top condition over time, deposits from the exhaust can build up and permanently discolour the front panel of your 'van. Again, with a towing cover your caravan stays clean and protected!

Arrive at your pitch and enjoy your holiday - why start off with a gruelling cleaning job as soon as you arrive?

Additional Visibility & Reduced Glare

Whilst some modern towbars have fog-light cut-off systems; many do not - meaning that if you sitch on your foglights, the front of the caravan can cause a reflected glare. The fabric of a caravan towing cover helps to minimise any glare in your rear view mirror

The covers have reflective light tape which makes your caravan more visible to other drivers and increases your safety on the road. LED lights can be added for extra visibility too.

Specialised Covers - A Trusted Brand

Many caravanners favour a Specialised Covers Towing Protector whilst travelling - specialised caravan covers include the tow pro lite which is a UNIVERSAL fit to any caravan with 2 awning channels and up to 2.5 metres wide.

Protect your caravan and be road-safe while traveling this summer - fit a caravan towing cover and enjoy all the towing protector benefits of a clean 'van.