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Caravan Table & Cupboard Fittings

Check out our affordable range of spare caravan parts for tables and cupboards including caravan door catches and table leg fittings. Our touring caravan spares and parts are suitable for a wide variety of motorhomes and includes brands such as W4, Fiamma and Nimbus. Caravan door catches are essential for preventing the doors of caravans, motorhomes and boats from swinging open during transportation. Affix the catch to the door and inside cupboard wall so that the two components lock together and stay closed. The cupboard door catch will also keep the door slightly open, allowing air to circulate when in storage. We also offer other internal caravan door fittings to streamline the appearance and practicality of or your caravan such as cupboard door stops, lock covers, screw covers and polytop pins. Our table leg fittings will improve your dining experience by allowing you to take your caravan table outside for BBQ’s and picnics. We also produce spare caravan table legs and connectors.