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Motorhome & Campervan Covers

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Buy Motorhome Covers at Towsure

Keep your motorhome or campervan in showroom condition - a mobile home is a significant investment so you will want to keep it in the best possible condition so that it not only looks fantastic, but continues to be a faithful friend for many years.

Why fit a Motorhome Cover?

If stored outside, your motor home is at the mercy of the elements all year around - from damaging and discolouring UV rays to snow and ice - and also the dreaded bird droppings. A good quality cover for motorhome has a breathable layer to allow naturally occuring moisture to pass out through the fabric, preventing condensation, damp and mildew

Will a Motorhome Cover Scratch the Bodywork?

It is important to thoroughly clean your motorhome or camper van before fitting any cover, to remove any build-up of fine grit and dirt. Specially formulated motorhome cleaning solutions are available to clean the vehicle first, as any grit sandwiched between the vehicle and the cover could cause scratching, no matter how soft the cover's inner layer. The vehicle should be allowed to dry as much as possible before fitting the cover, rather than fitting a cover to a wet motorhome.

Breathable Motorhome Covers? Does that mean Waterproof?

Most of our covers including the Maypole Breathable Motorhome Cover range are designed to allow moisture and condensation to escape. A fully waterproof campervan cover may keep rain out but does not allow naturally occuring moisture to evaporate. The layer system of breathable covers means that they are resistant to normal rainfall but not completely waterPROOF - but allowing for the evaporation of any rainfall permeating the material, keeping your motorhome in clean, fresh and damp-free condition.

Which Size of Cover for Motorhome do I Need?

Most of our motorhome covers are universal - this isn't "one size fits all" but rather a one size cover fits a range, based upon the length of your motorhome. This is simply measured, front bumper to rear bumper. Choose the cover with the size range that your motorhome falls within. If your motorhome is near the edge of the size range, don't be tempted to go down a size, as this would make the cover difficulty or impossible to fit correctly. THe universal covers come with straps to draw the cover in to the size of your motor caravan once fitted.

Are these just a Motorhome Winter Cover?

Our covers are certainly a perfect winter cover for motorhome & RV; and many people use them just over the winter. However they are also UV-resistant for spring and summer use too, and are ideal for protecting your motorhome in the autumn from falling leaves and tree sap.

I just want to keep out the Sun

We all love a sunny, summer's day, but sunlight and UV shining through the windscreen can discolour your interior and make the cab area uncomfortably warm. A motorhome front cover is a fabric cover for motorhome cab windows and can be used whilst parked either in storage or on your pitch, to keep your motorhome cab cool and in good condition.

VW Camper Covers

For larger motorhomes our universal fit covers suit most makes and sizes - we also stock a VW Camper Cover range by Summit, covers tailor made to suit volkswagen campers across the range. Tailored cover for Volkswagen T2 camper, and a model of cover for T5, T4, T3 and T25 - cover designed for VW campervans.