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Drain Down Systems

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Caravan Drain Down for Winter

When you put your caravan away into storage over winter, do you worry about burst pipes and water damage? Common practice is to drain the water system using gravity alone; but this can leave a surprising amount of residual water in the tank and/or caravan water pipe work. With a Floe drain down kit to suit your water inlet connection, you can completely empty your water system quickly and easily.

Fresher Water in the Springtime - Add Floe Drain Down to your Caravan Winterisation Routine

With all old water expelled before putting into storage; there is no stale water in the system when you come to fill up in the Springtime. Better tasting and healthier water supply is an added bonus when you completely drain down a caravan.

A Floe Winterising Kit for most Major Water Inlet Types

With specific connectors for Truma, Carver and Whale water inlets, there's a caravan drain down kit for most 'vans and motorhomes - so this winter enjoy an easier, complete caravan drainage - no burst pipe worries and a fresher water system!  You can also check our blog post for informative videos and instructions.