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Water Carriers

A camping water container is one of the most essential items to take with you on any camping or caravanning holiday. At Towsure we stock a wide range of water carriers including the Aquaroll and larger Water Hog rollalong water carrier models designed for the caravan.

Using the aqua roll type water carrier allows you to easily roll your water from the caravan park's mains water point back to your caravan or campervan with no lifting needed, taking the strain out of filling up with water on the campsite. Just unclip the handle, stand upright and drop in a submersible pump for a fresh water supply.

If you're camping you can put the water hog style carrier onto an aquaroll stand and screw on a tap for fresh water when you need it. Of course, you might not need gallons of water, so we also stock smaller jerry can type water containers for camping - plus collapsible water carriers which are great if your planning on lightweight camping or backpacking.

Whatever style of freshwater carrier you need, you can find it here at Towsure