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Clothing & Footwear

Stay warm and dry with a great range of outdoor clothing - layer up with base layers, mid layer fleece and waterproof jackets to stay comfortable outdoors in all weathers and seasons. Whether you're camping, caravanning, hill walking or low level hiking we've got everything to keep you looking and feeling great. Buy walking trousers, hiking jackets, waterproof clothing and outdoor clothing.

Brands stocked include:

  • Regatta
    Regatta's outdoor clothing is made with a mission statement of making the outdoors accessible - making outdoor wear that performs without a hefty price tag. One of our most popular clothing brands, Regatta has got you covered whether taking a stroll in the park or walking the hills. Their range of kids clothes are great for active young puddle jumpers
  • Berghaus
    Berghaus waterproof clothing technology is second to none. A highly rated choice, with a long-standing heritage choosing Berghaus outdoors wear, gives confidence that you will be dry and comfortable in the changeable British weather
  • Merrell
    Over 30 years history of producing high quality walking boots, approach shoes and hiking footwear, even in their early days Backpacker Magazine described Merrell's walking boots as "the most comfortable and functional boots in North America". Continued innovation in design and production have made Merrell one of the most comfortable and well-performing outdoor footwear brands for leisure and distance walking.
  • Skogstad
    Norwegians know winter - and the Skogstad Autumn/Winter clothing range is a testament to that. Whether wearing for rain, snow or on the ski slopes, you'll be warm and comfortable. But the gulf stream's warming influence means that there's much more to Norway than snow - and more to Skogstad than winter wear, Spring and Summer ranges are a perfect match for the sometimes warm, sometimes unpredictable UK maritime climate.
  • Weird Fish
    Weird Fish is an instantly recognisable outdoor clothing brand - but their clothes are much more than the cool designs and prints. The concept for the brand came from a bracing walk along a Cornish coastal path - giving rise to a clothing brand that combined fun designs with quality, longevity and ethical production
  • Clothing Care
    To get the most out of specialist outdoor clothing, our range of clothing and footwear care products include specialist clothing washes that won't damage the DWR water repellant qualities and re-proofers to restore waterproof clothing and footwear to peak performance. Respected brands of outdoor clothing wash and care include Nikwak and Fabsil, in stock online and in our outdoor superstores