Company Profile

The Early Years

Towsure began in 1967 as a small family store in the suburbs of Sheffield, selling towing brackets and trailer parts to local customers. Throughout the seventies the demand for towing, trailer parts and accessories grew, and so in 1977 Towsure produced the first mail order catalogue to demonstrate the wide range of low cost parts.

Expanding the Range

In 1978 Towsure also began manufacture of our own towing brackets and trailer parts. Throughout the following years the Towsure mail order catalogue continued to grow, and by the mid eighties due to the demand of its customers, and the awareness of Towsure for the need of low cost camping goods, Towsure widened its horizons and also started to offer camping and caravanning equipment and accessories. This range of goods grew to encompass Marine Products, Awnings, Tents, Clothing, Cycles, Accessories and much more.

Towsure Store on Holme Lane

Towsure Catalogue

The Towsure catalogue soon became the essential bible for caravan and camping enthusiasts, growing in size to not only include trailer parts but also the newest innovations for towing, caravanning and camping. The annual catalogue marked the beginning of the new season each year

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Towsure Catalogues